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Mar 15

41st Annual Schooner Fare Devonsquare Reunion Concert Holiday Inn By the Bay | 88 Spring St 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Every year, Schooner Fare, Devonsquare and many of their musical friends join together for a special concert to benefit the Jack McPhillips Memorial Fund. These reunion concerts were begun by Jack himself as a way to see his two favorite bands at the same time. JMMF is a small but unique organization that seeks to help those who have little chance of finding help through large agencies or whose situation requires immediate assistance, e.g. fires. We depend upon friends and acquaintances to bring these needs to our attention. If you come across a crisis situation where you think we may be of help, please contact us by writing to: Jack McPhillips Memorial Fund, PO Box 2753, South Portland ME 04106.