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Apr 28

April Stools Day Community Cleanup Eastern Promenade | Cleeves Monument, Eastern Promenade 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Join the Friends of the Eastern Promenade and partnering organizations to help clean up the Eastern Promenade park and surrounding neighborhood. We’ll pick up rubbish, refuse and doggie doo. The lucky person who finds one of the “golden turds” will win a prize!

In past years our cleanup effort has included the following areas in Portland and surrounding neighborhoods: Eastern Promenade Park, East End Beach, Fort Allen Park and trail, Loring Memorial trail & Ocean Avenue Dog Park. In South Portland partnering organizations have led April Stools Day cleanup efforts focused on Hinckley Park, Willard Beach, and Bug Light. In Saco and Old Orchard Beach locations have included Ocean Park Beach and Bayview Beach.