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Nov 12

Beaver Moon Ghost Tour Bell Buoy Park (between Flatbread and Casco Bay Lines) | 72 Commercial St., Portland 8:00 pm - 9:15 pm
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By the silvery light of the Full Beaver Moon, we will traverse the creepy corners of Portland’s Old Port in this comedy of Haunted History! Local, professional actors and comedians transform Maine’s dark history dating from the 1600’s into theater and fun. Featuring Ghosts, Witch Trials, Abenaki Attacks, Pirates, terrific storytelling, hysterical impersonations and more, this award-winning tour boasts one of the most entertaining 1/2 mile walks to be found in our solar system. “I’ve been taking this tour since 1697, and it just keeps getting better! – Some Dead Lady in a Hoop Skirt