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Jun 20

Beer in the Garden: Privateers Maine Historical Society | 489 Congress Street 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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Join us for beer and snacks, a rare opportunity to enjoy our historic garden in the evening, and a chance to see some very special artifacts from our collections!

The War of 1812 impacted Maine in unique and complex ways, specifically privateering along the Maine coast. During the war, state sanctioned pirates – known as Privateers – wreaked havoc on British trade and the Royal Navy. Privateers patrolled the Maine coast, returning to port with captured goods and prizes. MHS Director of Library Services Jamie Rice will exhibit excellent examples of prize documentation, log books and records for American privateers, as well as collections pertaining to Maine’s most iconic sea battle: the Battle of the Boxer & Enterprise.

Must be 21+. RSVP not required – drop in any time!

Free for MHS Members; $5 general admission. Apply your program fee to MHS membership!