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Feb 27

Beginner Yoga Series with Alyssa Adkins (2/5) Virtual Event through The Portland Yoga Project | Online 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
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What thoughts came to your mind when you read that? Did you automatically run through a laundry list of reasons why you supposedly can’t do yoga, or why it’s supposedly not for you? If yoga interests you but you’ve been uncertain or felt unprepared to try it out, this series is for you.

Welcome to Yoga: Beginner Workshop Series is designed for folks new or new-ish to yoga and aims to make yoga accessible to all. Creating a supportive and collaborative container is of the utmost importance, so we’ll take time to get to know one another and support each others’ journeys. Over the course of five weeks, we’ll take plenty of time to learn foundational poses, the basics of staying safe, and how to link breath to movement. We’ll also practice mini yoga sequences, building up to the final class in which we’ll use what we’ve learned during a full yoga class. We’ll also take time throughout to discuss and debunk common yoga myths and to go into some of yoga’s roots and history.

After completing the series, you’ll have an understanding of how different foundational poses work, how to adjust them for your own needs, and what to expect in all levels yoga classes. You’ll also be able to attend all levels classes, or further your personal practice, while staying better rooted within your self-defined boundaries for safety–and enjoyment! Welcome to yoga!

$95 for all five weeks.
Workshops are non-refundable.

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Alyssa (she/her) is passionate about helping folks develop their sense of bodily empowerment and skill, bringing all she’s learned from teaching welcoming, accessible dance classes to her teaching in yoga. She is an enthusiastic creator of warm, inviting spaces and is very sensitive to the reality that the learning space makes the learning experience. Alyssa puts a lot of energy into fostering environments where it’s OK not to know, and very welcome to ask questions, explore, and maybe crack a smile at oneself. A yoga practitioner for 15 years, she is deeply dedicated to ongoing study of yoga’s history, philosophy and evolution, and ties this learning back to her teaching whenever possible.