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Oct 10

Celebrating the Women of Casco Bay Artisans Opening Reception Casco Bay Artisans | 68 Commercial Street Building A 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Casco Bay Artisans was founded in 2012 on the idea of bringing the best contemporary fine art to the market here in Portland, Maine. Over the last seven years, owner Jen Swarts has used a group curation model to find artists in the community and around the world that fit that criteria. This has evolved into the current group of artists that we are delighted to work with.
Through a passion for beautiful objects, high technique, and diverse aesthetics, Swarts has created one of Portland’s foremost commercial art galleries representing 50 artists from the local, national, and international markets. This October, we celebrate 25 of these artists working in oil, acrylic, pastel, encaustic, found object, torn paper, glass, and steel.

Chris Beneman, Britta Bruce, Pat Campbell, Grace Cooper, Diane Dalhke, Christina Davis, Suzanne de Lessups, Julia Doughty, Rachel Elani, Joelle Feldman, Anastasia Gatto, Rebecca Hayes, Anne Ireland, Savya Jain, Erika Manning, Andrea Mulcahy, Kim Radochia, Ellen Roberts, Jan Royall, Michela Sperindo, Bonnie Spiegel, Robin Swennes, Dana Trattner, Maya Travaglia, Jean Weicha