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Aug 13

College-bound Self Defense Day 2 Hustle and Flow | 155 Brackett 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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The IMPACT College Bound safety program is designed to help female and LGBTQ high school seniors to navigate their transition to college by offering them awareness skills to manage increasing independence as well as the tools to recognize and resist sexual assaults perpetrated by people they know.

Students learn:
• Physical and verbal self-protection skills
• Strategies to stop attempted sexual assaults
• Strategies for sexual assaults perpetrated by people they know
• Assertive communication
• How to safely intervene when a friend is at risk
• Tools to recognize unhealthy relationships
• To communicate with strength & confidence

Research shows that between 20 and 25 percent of college women experience sexual violence during their academic careers. The IMPACT program is consistent with published research showing that college women who take self-defense courses are significantly less likely to experience sexual violence.

Participants can also choose to engage in follow-up research during their first year of college.

Sponsored by Prevention. Action. Change., this class is free with a suggested donation of $25 to cover space.