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May 01

Dimensions in Jazz | Petite Feet Woodfords Congregational Church, Meloon Chapel | 202 Woodford Street 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Petite Feet re-imagines the music of Scott Joplin.

Performing are Shane Simpson, piano; Jonathan Starks, drums; and Travis Bliss, saxophone

Describing themselves as “just your neighborhood ragtime band,” Petite Feet draws heavily from genres diverse as dance music, glitch art, minimalism, free improvisation, and memes.

Their debut album Nude Piano: Iconic Rags of Scott Joplin was released on July 4th, 2019. In his liner notes, Ted Reichman calls the record “a blast of musical hope,” and Ethan Iverson compared hearing the record to listening to John Zorn’s Naked City for the first time, “a moment when so many impossibilities became possible.”

When: Friday, May 1, 7 pm – 10 pm
Where: Woodfords Congregational Church, Meloon Chapel, 202 Woodford St., Portland, ME
Tickets: $5 students, $10 seniors, $15 advance, $20 at the door

Call for info or to reserve: (207) 828-1310