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Sep 21

HAMILTON! How the Musical Remixes American History | 489 Congress Street 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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America (once again) has HAMILTON mania! With Disney+ now streaming the show, backyard movie screens and living room television sets have been screening Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-winning musical all summer long.

Maryland historian Dr. Richard Bell will explore this musical phenomenon to reveal what its success tells us about the marriage of history and entertainment. We’ll learn what this amazing musical gets right and gets wrong about Alexander Hamilton, the American Revolution, the birth of the United States, and why, particularly in this moment in time, all that matters.

What were the real Alexander Hamilton’s choices and policies in relation to immigrants, working people, rural farmers, and those enslaved? We will examine some of the choices the creators of Hamilton made to simplify, dramatize, and humanize the complicated events and stories on which the show is based. We will also talk about the cultural impact of Hamilton: what does its runaway success reveal about the stories we tell each other, who we are, the nation we made, and the importance of who tells your story?

This program is presented in partnership with Mechanics’ Hall.

Cost: Free to members of Mechanics’ Hall & Maine Historical Society. Suggested ticket price $10 for non-members. NOT AN MHS MEMBER? IT’S EASY TO JOIN!

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