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Sep 13

King of Crow VI : Now We Are Six St Lawrence Arts Center | 76 Congress Street 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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Tickets are available at or cash/cards at the door. $20

The French Revolution goes completely off the rails due to a squabble about a pot of delicious fish stew. A woman is the victim of a new disease that causes her to take a big bite out of any man who she feels is a threat. Two corporate titans scheme to improve their business’s ranking in the Happiest Place in the World standings.

These are but a few of the wildly creative plots of the 11 plays featured in Crowbait Club’s sixth annual fully-produced production of the winners of the Club’s notorious monthly Theatre Deathmatches…

King of Crows VI: Now We Are Six

It’s a full evening of theatre presented in tasty 10 minute servings. And the dishes run the gamut: from serious drama, to farce, to outrageous comedy, and frankly some we haven’t quite figured out yet. Each play is a world premiere work and has held off some cutthroat Deathmatch competition in order to be served up here.

And they were created and are performed by the artists who live next door to you.

The Playwrights and Plays of King of Crows VI:

Hal Cohen – Bouillabaisse
John Bowker – Changeling
Elizabeth Freeman – No Phish
Dick Sewell – Remembering a Garden
Elizabeth Miller – Book Group
Tony Morin – Interrogation
Nancy Peavy – Forever Yours
David Body – The Play’s the Thing
Molly Eliza Donlan – The #4 Happiest Place in the World
Josh Gauthier – After the Questions
EB Coughlin – Maneater

Music Director : Victoria Stubbs
Technical Director : Iain Odlin
Production Stage Manager : Lauren Stockless
Graphic Design : Lynne Cullen
Costume Coordinator : Allison McCall

The Directors:

Allison McCall
Charlie Cole
Jennifer Slack-Eaton
Lauren Stockless
Michael Tooher

Please note this show is not suitable for the wee ones. 13 and up please.

We’ll see you soon. 😊