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May 11

Magical History Tour Maine Historical Society | 489 Congress Street 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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The Magical History Tour is your key to unlocking fascinating historical places around Portland that are not usually open to the public. Our fifth annual exploration of fascinating historic sites in Greater Portland will include places your friends and family have never seen – and maybe didn’t even know existed!

The Magical History Tour is a self-guided tour guaranteed to amaze and amuse both adults and children. Equipped with a map, and at your own pace, you and your friends will be greeted by guides at each location ready to share the history of the tour stop. Get your map on Saturday in our historic library or join us the night before for the grand reveal at Mr. Longfellow’s Cocktail Party on Friday, May 10 at Portland’s Masonic Hall.

Ticket prices range from $25/$35 for the Tour ($5 kids) to $75/$85 for Tour and Cocktail Party Combination Ticket.