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Jun 14

Portland Bach Experience: Art of Fugue Private home * | Location will be emailed to ticketholders prior to the salon 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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The culmination of Bach’s fascination with the musical possibilities of a single theme, Die Kunst der Fuge is as much a feat of mathematical genius as it is an artistic beauty. Performed by Diderot String Quartet.

Portland Bach Experience: Classical Music for a Modern World
June 8-17, 2018

Celebrate classical music with an array of accessible and engaging world-class programming during the Portland Bach Experience June 8-17, 2018, taking place at a mix of formal and casual venues around the city.

Anchored in the Baroque tradition and centered around our renowned artists, the Portland Bach Experience uses distinctive programming, dynamic interpretations, and authentic connections that make the sounds of the past the music of now.

Over 10 days, Portland Bach Experience founder and artistic director Emily Isaacson leads visitors on a rich and colorful cultural journey against the backdrop of beautiful seaside Portland — and each step along the way, Isaacson makes classical music come alive for new and expanding audiences.

Experience: The Concert
Hear the world’s finest artists perform the musical gems of the Baroque era in the picturesque stone chapel of St. Mary’s Church.

Experience: The Salon
Bach’s most indelible chamber music is performed in intimate home settings. Patrons mingle with the musicians to delve more deeply into the music. Local treats and fine wines make this an unforgettable evening.

Experience: Portland
These innovative and immersive events celebrate essential Portland: amazing views, delicious drinks, great people, and phenomenal music.

Experience: Bachanalia
These groundbreaking concerts explore the intersections of classical music with jazz, pop, folk, and rap.

Experience: Understanding
Learn more about the composers, the instruments, and the Baroque era in these intimate artist seminars and masterclasses.