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Mar 23

Portland Ovations Presents: 600 HIGHWAYMEN: “The Fever” Merrill Auditorium | 20 Myrtle St. 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Portland Ovations presents you with this unique opportunity to be a part of an immersive performance on stage at Merrill Auditorium.

“One of New York’s best nontraditional companies” (The New Yorker) 600 HIGHWAYMEN makes performances that offer a new way of seeing. Exploring a radical approach to making live art, the company constructs events that create intimacy among a group of strangers. Their latest work, The Fever tests the limits of individual and collective responsibility, and our willingness to be there for one another. Performed in complete collaboration with attendees, The Fever explores “the age-old relationship between performer and audience with an intensity and focus that is quite unlike anything I ever have seen” (Chicago Tribune).

Extremely limited capacity.