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Jan 01

Sound Immersion for the New Year Good Medicine Collective | 231 York St 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
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Immerse every atom of your multidimensional self in the healing frequencies of sacred sound and song. Ride the sound waves into a deeper experience of yourself and reality on this collective day of new beginnings. You are so much more beautiful, powerful, magnificent and loved than you can imagine—catch a glimpse of your True essence!

Join in sacred community to seed the potentials for a future of peace, harmony, love and unity consciousness. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. With individual and group intention, we will release 2019 and all the old stuff it kicked up (hurts, trauma, habits, limiting beliefs, negative programming, etc). Opening our hearts in the zero point of the now moment, the healing sounds will amplify our intentions for 2020 and beyond.

Andrea’s voice is a bridge to higher realms. Her angelic toning with crystal singing bowls, will be complemented with bells, chimes, rattle, sacred drumming and more. Participants describe this experience as relaxing, rejuvenating, and even transporting to a place of peace that is hard to access otherwise; and many report profound healing experiences.

NOTE TO ATTENDEES: Your comfort is important to be able to deeply relax and experience the full benefits of this session! There are sitting cushions, yoga mats and blankets in the space, however, you may prefer from thick padding from home (e.g. camping mat, lawn chair cushion), your own blankets or sleeping bag, and pillows. Sitting in a chair is also an option, if you prefer. So, PLEASE BRING a water bottle and any supplemental props you need to be supported, comfortable and warm sitting for 25-30 minutes, and lying down on the hardwood floor for an hour.