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May 09

Thresholds Conference – A Resilient Spirit: Living and Caregiving Through End of Life Hannaford Hall | 88 Bedford Street 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
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The annual Thresholds Conference brings the community together to learn about end of life. This year, we host a dialogue about A Resilient Spirit: Living and Caregiving Through End of Life. Join us for a series of conversations about caregiving, care, and relationships at the end of life, as we learn from individuals who have experienced this journey. To simply listen, talk about, and acknowledge death’s imminence can pave the way for honest, thoughtful conversations that offer comfort and reassurance for both the dying and the living.

Scott Simon, host of NPR’s Weekend Edition, award winning journalist and best-selling author, joins us as the keynote presenter. Several community members, hospice professionals, and national caregiving experts join to share their poignant stories of caregiving, end of life relationships, and tips and resources to navigate this challenging life chapter.

All are encouraged to attend – Caregivers, healthcare professionals, faith leaders, students, and the general public is encouraged to attend this community-wide event.