About Us

We’re hiring!

Portland Downtown’s board of directors has launched a nationwide search for a new executive director. Click here to view the position announcement & description.

Our Mission

Portland Downtown, a 501c4 nonprofit organization, is in the business of maintaining a clean and safe downtown while building and promoting a vibrant business, residential, and tourism destination.

As a Downtown Improvement District (DID), we manage a number of programs, events and services that bring vitality to the heart of the city. We’re the folks behind big community events like Merry Madness and Downtown Worker Appreciation Day — and we’re also responsible for keeping downtown clean + safe.

Who’s Involved

To make the downtown experience the best it can be, we have an active and engaged Board of Directors, dedicated committees and amazing volunteers. We also partner with other local organizations and community leaders who share our vision for a dynamic, beautiful and thriving downtown.

What We Do

Portland Downtown supports economic vitality while improving the quality of life for residents, employees and visitors. Our 5-Year Strategic Plan (2015-2020) includes four focus areas:

  • Vitality  We actively promote and drive business to the downtown region through powerful print & online communications and major community events like the Old Port Festival and Merry Madness.
  • Experience — We keep Portland safe through our cadet program and improvements to street lighting & signage. We create cleaner, more welcoming spaces through landscaping, graffiti removal and repairs to aging sidewalks and tree wells.
  • Growth — As Portland’s Downtown expands organically, so too does the organization’s reach and constituency. We are committed to deepening our impact through strategic planning, collaboration and efficient operation.
  • Advocacy — Portland Downtown assumes a leadership role with regard to all issues that impact the future of Portland. We often serve as the voice of the downtown community, ensuring that needs & concerns are addressed fairly and in a timely fashion.

How We’re Funded

Portland Downtown is funded through a tax assessment paid by property owners within the downtown district. In addition, many of our community events and programs are made possible thanks to the support of generous sponsors. To view a map of the Portland Downtown district, please click here.