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Congrats to our program director

  Earlier this year, the International Downtown Association (IDA) reached out seeking subject matter experts willing to volunteer their time, talent, and expertise to collaborate with other industry professionals on the Test Development Committee for the IDA’s Leadership in Place Management Certification program. Today we’re excited to announce that our very own Amy Geren , Program Director at Portland Downtown , has

Stepping into the new normal

  As businesses in Maine step into the new normal, we reached out to friends & fans of Portland Downtown to find out what they’re thinking, feeling, and experiencing as they begin to revisit local shops & restaurants. Below you’ll find their open and honest words – and we hope that you’ll find these insights

Cooking for love, health, and community

  Every day, we continue to be amazed by the creativity, resourcefulness, and generosity of our downtown community. Today we’d like to shine a spotlight on an awesome new initiative that’s supporting local restaurants while providing meals to people in need.   It’s called Cooking for Community and – in just over a month –