207 Day Scavenger Hunt

What is the 207 Day Scavenger Hunt

 Named after the city’s area code, 207 Day is a passion project brought to life by Portland Downtown, Portland Buy Local, & our AMAZING sponsors, including Uncommon Paws. It’s a time to celebrate what makes Portland, Portland, and the 207 Day Scavenger Hunt is designed to do just that! The list of scavenger hunt items is crammed with tasks that will weave you around Portland’s cobblestone streets, through its aisles of brick buildings, down by its wharves and over to its Eastern Promenade — so have your walking shoes ready! NOTE: Many tasks are family friendly, so be sure to bundle up the kiddos for this Portland exploration.

When is the 207 Day Scavenger Hunt

207 Day was devised with Feb. 7th — or 2/07 — in mind. Hoping to keep the celebration going longer, Portland Downtown & Portland Buy Local chose to kick off the party the weekend before! The 207 Day Scavenger Hunt will be live Saturday, Feb. 5th through Monday, Feb. 7th.  

How can I participate in the 207 Day Scavenger Hunt

That’s easy! If you’re a community member who wants to explore Portland with us, just visit the 207 Day website here and register for the scavenger hunt ! This website will be your go-to spot for all things related to the 207 Day Scavenger Hunt. This is where you will find the scavenger hunt tasks list, where you will submit photos and scan QR codes to complete tasks, and more! If you’re a business who hasn’t signed up to make your storefront a stop on the 207 Day Scavenger Hunt, you can do that here. Business registration will close Monday, Jan. 31st. 

How do I submit tasks? 

The 207 Day Scavenger Hunt is completely digitized, so make sure your mobile device is charged! Remember that 207 Day website we mentioned? Keep it handy! View the list of 207 Day Scavenger Hunt tasks there and read them carefully! Some will have you submit a photo as proof of task completion, which you can do right on the 207 Day website. Others will ask that you scan a QR Code, made available at the indicated business. QR Codes will bring you directly back to that 207 Day website, where it will mark that task item as complete.

How can my business participate?

There is no cost for businesses to participate. Simply submit your 207 Day Scavenger Hunt task online by January, 31st. You can do that here.

Task submissions should:

  • Emphasize Maine, Portland, or somehow relate to the numbers 2-0-7
  • Be “completed” upon either scanning a QR code OR submitting a photo

Task examples: 

  • Buy & submit a photo of our business’ specialty “2/07 Day” latte
  • Visit our museum or galley on Monday, Feb. 7 and scan QR code
  • Purchase a Maine-made item from us and scan our QR code
  • Spend $20.70+ at our store and send in a photo of your receipt
  • 2.07% of our Feb. 7th sales go to a certain Maine charity. Visit on 2/07 to scan a QR code