Green Gulls

Green Gulls

Launching Earth Day 2022 – Friday, April 22, 2022



Green Gulls is a downtown clean-up initiative supported by Portland Downtown, David Wood Clothiers, ecomaine, & Friends of Casco Bay. 

Participants commit 10 minutes — or less! — each morning to tidy their stoops — think of the easy stuff, like discarding trash, recycling what can be, & sweeping — to get entered into drawings for prizes all season long.



Participation is open to all property owners, businesses, & residents of Portland’s downtown district (see map below) — though anyone located on the peninsula and beyond are encouraged to take on the challenge! 

Fill out the form below to join the flock. 



Portland Downtown provides Green Gulls participants with all necessary materials — gloves, bags, dustpans, & brooms.


Here’s how you do it: 


Look. Peek out your front door in the morning (or before your business opens) & check for anything out of place. Maybe there’s piece of trash in your doorway or an empty soda can on your step?

Get set. Grab your gear  — gloves, broom, dustpan, bag, etc.

Go. Tidy away! Don’t forget to collect & dispose of any trash and/or recyclables at the nearest receptacles

Click. Snap a photo of your stoop looking spick + span 

Post. Add the photo to your Instagram story (or send us an email) tagging the Portland Downtown Instagram account and using the #PortlandGreenGulls hashtag

Win. Get entered into bi-weekly raffles for prizes! 



Lots of reasons! 

Tidying up by your property helps: 

  • Make it more welcoming

  • Discourage future littering

  • Promote a cleaner, greener Portland 

  • Protect Casco Bay 

Trash & debris that wind up on our streets can pollute our water, hurt marine life, & reduce the quality of life of those who live, work, & play on Casco Bay.



Green Gulls will launch Earth Day 2022 (Friday, April 22nd) & go through Friday, Sept. 30th. 



ecomaine has loads of information about what can and can’t be recycled. Take a look at the cheat sheet below for some help.


As you pick up, do not dump any trash in storm drains; they drain to Casco Bay. 

Storm drains are a tempting place for some to place trash or dump dangerous pollutants. A cigarette butt or pet waste thrown into one storm drain may seem like a small thing. But small actions add up, and Casco Bay suffers from the cumulative effects of these small injuries. When people throw trash or pour hazardous wastes, such as household cleaners, unused paint, paint thinner, used oil, & lawn care chemicals, down a storm drain, they don’t realize that they may be dumping pollutants directly into the Bay.

Water washed down city streets during rain or snow melt flows into storm drains. Some of these drains empty directly into Casco Bay. Other storm drains are connected to the same pipes that carry household wastewater (including sewage) from bathrooms, sinks, & kitchens to a wastewater treatment plant. Even if these products reach the sewage treatment facility, the treatment process may not be able to remove the hazardous components.



This small commitment across our downtown will make a big impact, discouraging future littering; helping protect Casco Bay; & promoting a greener, cleaner Portland. 



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Want to join the flock? Green Gulls is a summer-long, clean-up initiative dedicated to taking 10 minutes — or less! — each morning to tidy stoops in downtown Portland. Participants will be able to win prizes and know they're helping to put the downtown's best — & webbed — foot forward. Downtown property owners, business, & residents can sign up here! NOTE: The downtown will be split into smaller blocks with each assigned a Block Captain. This captain will share any Green Gulls news, while also working as a block cheerleader, encouraging neighbors to tidy their stoops each morning. Please check the box below if you're interested in being one for your block!

Interested in being a Block Captain?
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